Why Book With Us

• Private Guided Tours
Once you have chosen any of Flowers Tours distinguished programs. You fortunately have submitted yourself to an honest and faithful provider of tourist services. Actually you will find yourself in good hands which is capable of know how to handle tour services properly and perfectly in a most curtsey attitude.
Every service that would be rendered to any of our guests is accurately tailored for him in a particular way to satisfy his needs, he will feel the sense of this privacy throughout his tour.
We do care very much for such private guided tours, it is one of the advantages which characterize Flowers Tours activities based on the principle of (Quality is our top priority)

• Save money & time
When we consider time and money as important factors, we thought deeply of how to satisfy our guests needs who is certainly busy to make a compromise for this hard equation (save time and money) As experts we deal with such problem in a reasonable way, we designed our programs to be suitable for all trends of our guests who usually need to pass their vacations on a trip for short time on terms of cover as much visits as possible at most interesting tourist sites. We have tailored such programs in a very professional attitude as a response to the requirements of the financial factor which is controlled by (for how much and for how long)

• No Hidden Costs Policy
We are follow no hidden costs policy. In fact, this is what gives us enormous confidence to serve you in the best possible way.

• Expert destination knowledge
Because we are expert in destination Egypt; our clients can consult us about the right package which will fit his needs as a single or as a family we are able to answer all of your questions and give you the right advice about your next trip to Egypt.

• More departures than ever!
With us you can choose the day and the hour of your arrival to Egypt as we are able to start your vacation package in any day of the week, also we are available 24 hour to drive you from and to the airport.

• Flexibility to amend your trip
We are flexible to amend your trip up on your request whenever it possible and you will inform us in the right time we are open to apply the changes you want even after your coming

• We are serving Individual & group Travelers from all over the world.
Our services are the best choice for your unforgettable trip. They cover various sites whether ancient like Luxor, Aswan and Upper Egypt; these tours usually include a well-trained guide. For tourists who seek privacy, we offer personal and customized tours. Tailored occasion packages like weddings, honeymoons, and even group travels are also our specialty. If you can't find your best holiday option from our packages, we will tailor a private holiday package that suites your needs

• We do all the work
Convenience. Ease of travel. No hassle vacations. Every detail, from transportation and lodging to the finest dining and sightseeing activities, is pre-planned so that your trip is 100% worry-free. Your only job is to relax, learn and, most importantly, have fun!

• We're not a very big company and we don't pretend to be
You'll always speak to the same person from initial contact to follow up email at the end of your trip. That person will take time to understand your needs and take a personal interest in ensuring that you get the most out of your experience.

• Guarantee a high quality service
With our vast experience, we are capable of handling requests of any capacity. Our efficient staff is ready to receive and make the necessary arrangements for any requirement to the customer's satisfaction. We will put in every effort to provide our customers with the best of service and assure them that they are in safe hands. Melia Travel Egypt has adopted the motto "We Serve, We Care" as the slogan and symbol of our work and practice.

• We work only with the best
Seeking highest quality service necessitates working with the best tourism service providers. Out of this belief. Our partners are always aligned with our travelers' desires if not exceeding their expectations.

We invite you to plan your trip with us. Contact our Travel Consultant Contact Us